Charles Barkley should support a Black man, Draymond Green says

Charles Barkley should support a Black man, Draymond Green says

Charles Barkley and Draymond Green have always had a beef with each, and the situation between them hasn’t improved in the past years.

Success in any professional sports has been measured by the number of trophies that an athlete has. It has always been the first sign if a player was successful in his career or not. However, there are also other signals pointing to a celebrated player. Some would include their influence on and off the court and other individual awards that they’ve had.

Unfortunately, Charles Barkley is only known for his accolades. He’s never won a championship, and that has been an Achilles hill for him against the public. It is especially true, considering that he’s a commentator with regular hot comments about the league.

Charles Barkley’s words affect a man’s living

Barkley and Draymond Green haven’t been the best of friends for the past years. Unfortunately, Green has always been on the receiving end of criticisms from Barkley. Some include hurtful ones such as Green being the least famous member of a boy band. For the most part, Green has been quietly absorbing these hits. However, he thinks he’s had enough.

Also, he believes that Barkley should instead be supporting Green instead of insulting him. He said,

“He’s a Black man, I respect him. The issue that I’ve had is, a lot of people watch the game of basketball, and don’t know what they’re looking at. So when they look at a Chuck or they look at different guys who has these platforms, they take what you’re saying and they listen to that and they run with that.”

Green here is pointing to the fact that Charles’ comments affect the way the public perceive players in the NBA. Anything they say or do affect the actual lives and performance of the players. Green added,

“So where as for me, it hasn’t necessarily affected my pockets, but there are a lot of guys in this league that people run with what guys say on these platforms, and it affects guys’ pockets, and that’s the issue that I’ve had.”

Barkley should support Black people more

Green has been the most vocal member of the Golden State Warriors. When gets up on the mic, he says out loud what’s on his mind. Considering the bigger issues between their feud, Green believes that Barkley has the platform to uplift the lives of the black people around him. Green said,

“As a Black man, you gotta support the next Black man, you can’t keep putting the next Black man down. I understand that there’s a job to do, but I also know I’ve done too many great things in this league and won a lot to hear some of the stuff he be saying about me.”

The reality is harsh, but Charles has also been criticized for his sharp comments regarding the NBA. Nonetheless, it’s his words that make him more interesting to watch. Green and Barkley aren’t friends according to the former. However, it will be nice to see them teaming up to support the movement around the Black community in the United States.

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