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‘Charmed’ season 3 returns, Alyssa Milano refused to appear in the reboot


The popular reboot of the 1997 series, Charmed season 3 is heading back to CW.

Moreover, the plot reveals the destruction of the power of three. The season 2 of the demon-fighting sisters did not end well because of the outbreak of the pandemic.

Similar to the other CW shows, Charmed has also suffered the temporary suspension of the filming.  Fortunately, the drama series will continue to fight dark forces.

Original Cast refused to appear in the reboot

The original cast, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs have seemingly refused to appear in the reboot. Although showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman admitted that she wants to see the original cast in the reboot, she does not want it to happen anytime soon.

It appears that Alyssa Milano did not like the fact that the original cast was not included at the beginning of the show. She said,

“I think that ship has sailed. I think that they ruined the possibility of that by the way in which the reboot came down.”

She added,

“Like, the fact that we weren’t included from the very beginning. It just felt really disrespectful, you know? It’s sad, too, because I think we all would have come [together] to do something. [We] created that world. It would have been amazing.”

Similarly, Doherty exclaimed that she does not want to be labeled as the reboot queen. The reason behind her refusal was that she was already committed to appear in the reboot of the 1989 cult classic Heathers.

However, Rose McGowan who starred as Paige admitted that she would like to return to the series. In an interview, McGowan opened up about returning with Shannen Doherty.

Charmed season 2 recap

Now in its third season, Charmed season 2 recently aired its finale, with Julian promising to bring Macy to her witch-hater aunt. However, the sisters made a bold attempt to fake their own deaths to survive.

The three sisters managed to move away in another city and started a low-key life in Safe Space. The place is a magic-friendly location where the three sisters are far from their demon enemies.

However, Maggie, Mel, and Macy are not forever shielded in Safe Space. Somehow, the place has been compromised.

Charmed season 3 plot

With the cliffhanger ending in season 2, the charmed ones take on a  new threat in season 3. Although the sisters are pursuing their own ambitions and finding their own version of themselves, they have to defeat their greatest enemy.

The third season will ultimately reveal the sisters’ great enemy, The Conqueror. The Conqueror is the ancient being that wants to take magic for itself.  Mel, Maggie, and Macy must come together and use the power of three to defeat  The Conqueror. The biggest challenge for the characters in the third season is how will the charmed ones use their special ability.  Showrunner Shapiro revealed,

“They really do have challenges to overcome because of who they are. They have a special place in the magical kingdom, and that responsibility comes with consequences.”

Some speculations pointed to the destruction of the power of three in the next season. If the sisters will not unite in their power, The Conqueror might bring them to their real deaths this time.

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