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Cheaper M1 MacBooks available now in Apple’s website


Apple has just released a new series of refurbished M1 MacBooks on their website, but note that these are refurbished units.

Apple’s refurbished store has always drawn a stigma for selling defective items. Naturally, since a huge amount of money is involved, buyers will be wary of purchasing returned items.

After all, for whatever reasons there are, the units were still returned. Nevertheless, Apple guarantees that the refurbished units are as good as brand new. There are several reasons why units are returned.

Some of these include blemishes on the surface, incompatibility with the user, and general factory defects. To compensate for the repairs made on these units, Apple offers generous discounts from the original retail price. It hopes that these slashed-off prices will be enough to entice a more trusting market.

Refurbished M1 MacBooks now available on

Apple just released the latest series of refurbished M1 MacBooks on its website. This is the first batch of refurbed laptops that hit the official store. If Apple’s M1 MacBook announcement excited a buyer last year, this would be the perfect time to jump in on the fun.

The refurbed MacBooks selection is currently limited to the M1 MacBook Pro. The 13-inch M1 MacBook Pros with 256GB get up to USD$200 off of the retail price. Its refurbished rate is now just $1,099.

For the 512GB model, the price is slashed from $1,499 to $1,269. If the internal memory is still not enough, Apple offers a 1TB model with a price of $1,609, which is a $290 discount from its regular price.

It will just be a matter of time before the new M1 MacBook Airs hit the refurb store.

To whom are the M1 MacBooks compatible for?

Apple is well in the thick of its transition to a full Apple Silicon ecosystem. It will probably take another year or two before the full migration happens. While that may seem long, the sky is the limit as to Apple’s full potential.

The company now has full control of the software and hardware that run its systems. Since Apple is a master of seamless experiences, it is quite exciting to see what else it can do with its own Apple Silicon.

For those that have been waiting for Apple to make a big change from Intel, the M1 MacBooks are a perfect gateway product to the new ecosystem. They can expect several glitches along the way, but, again, it will just be a matter of time before Apple perfects the transition.

Some apps haven’t fully optimized their systems for the M1 chipset. So if one of these apps is crucial for work or school, then waiting a little while longer will not hurt.

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