Check out the best movesets of the ice-type Pokemon ‘Glalie’

Here is a brief review of Glalie, an ice-type pokemon in Pokemon Go, and what it can do in parts of movesets.

Starting from a CP of 2380 and defense of 160 with a stamina of about 190, Glalie is a strong warrior in Pokemon Go. But what else can this ice-type pokemon do instead of being strong?

What you need to know about Glalie

Glalie is an ice-type pokemon who evolves from Snorunt. But there is a catch.

Glalie is completely weak against Fire, Earth, Rock, and Steel-type of pokemons and their moves. But what are the strongest movesets of Glalie that sets her apart from all the other ice-type pokemons? Glalie is completely capable of doing Frost Breath and Avalanche.

Once you are using this pokemon, the Pokedex says that Glalie is made out of rock-type armor that freezes stone-cold when under attack. Glalie can even freeze hard whenever it senses some form of attack.

This amazing ability helps the pokemon to freeze moisture in the atmosphere into any shape desired.

Glalie is an ice-type of pokemon with a CP of 2380, an attack of 162, a defense of 162, and 190 stamina in Pokemon Go. It was first seen from the Hoenn region of Generation 3.

The weakness of Glalie, as stated before, is fighting against Fire, Earth, or even Steel types of pokemons. When you are using Glalie for an attack, then you can try out the move of Ice Shard. Both the Ice Shard and Avalanche hold a 12.09 DPS.

What are some of the movesets you can try with this pokemon?

Glalie has the signature move of freezing moisture and producing an avalanche. But here are some of the other attack combos you can try during a fight.

  • Ice Shard + Complete Avalanche – DPS => 12.09
  • Frost Breath + Shadow Ball – DPS => 10.84
  • Frost Breath + Avalanche – DPS => 11.25
  • Ice Shard + Shadow Ball – DPS => 10.22
  • Frost Breath + Gyro Ball – DPS => 8.60
  • Ice Shard + Gyro Ball – DPS => 8.30

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Image courtesy of Thunder Cat/YouTube Screenshot

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