Check out the new Cobalion counter movesets in ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon Go helps you to master the art and movesets of this rare Pokemon breed.

If you are a regular player of the game then you must know that Cobalion is really hard to find. This amazing Pokemon is also known as the iron and has come to justice in the game recently.

What are the movesets of this Pokemon?

Developers have said that they are currently focusing on adding more Pokemons to the game as it will enhance performance and user ratio over time.

The legendary Swords of Justice, Cobalion, is completely a fighting-type Pokemon in the game. If players are looking for a quick match and a strong one, this is the perfect Pokemon they can catch.

The game Pokemon Go, which was first introduced in 2016, has circulated many responses over time. The developers, over time, have streamed a lot of new Pokemons, which can be added to the game accordingly. So, if you are a fan of the gam, youu can check out the awesome movesets of this fighting type Pokemon.

As stated before, Cobalion is a Legendary Pokemon, so catching Cobalion will only be possible if players are taking part in Raids and those which are related to Mega Raids.

What type of Pokemon is this Legendary king is?

Cobalion is also a Steel-type Pokemon which means that this Pokemon is completely weak against fighting around the ground and fire-type Pokemon. Some of the Pokemons that have the target of eliminating Cobalion are Machamp, Entei. Groudon andm even Lucario.

These Pokemon have been a fan favorite for a very long time because of their abilities. It has a raid boss CP of around 39,601 and the normal CP of catching Cobalion around 1727.

Some of the most prominent movesets of this amazing Pokemon are the metal claw and even the zen headbutt. There are even possible head charge movesets set by this Pokemon on such as Close Combat and even Iron Head.

The new season in the game of Pokemon Go has directed that Niantic is working towards introducing a lot of new Pokemons to the series, and they will be introduced one after the other in the form of and even Mega raids.

Cobalion is a direct threat to humankind because the Sword of Justice Protector creates a portal against the human and other realms.


Image courtesy of PogoKieng/YouTube

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