Little Suns admires Chenle of NCT after a lovely interaction with an LGBTQ+ fan

Chenle’s reaction to two female admirers revealing that they were in a relationship was the nicest I’ve ever seen.

Because South Korea is still a conservative nation, musicians in the K-pop business are hesitant to promote LGBT+ and its issues openly. But it hasn’t prevented K-pop stars from defying gender stereotypes and speaking out in favor of LGBT+ rights whenever they get the opportunity.

Koreans crossing traditions and culture

While fans in the west may find it strange that idols are praised for accomplishing the absolute minimum, K-pop fans understand the seriousness of their idols’ intentions as they risk their careers. Chenle of NCT’s most recent engagement has left fans touched.

Due to the epidemic, fan signs and meet and greets have gone online. On August 27, NCTzens had the opportunity to participate in an event organized by Yizhiyu and win a video chat with NCT Dream members.

Two of the female fans that won and had the opportunity to meet with Chenle are girlfriends. They decided to tell him about it, and he had the nicest response.

Chenle has a fan who identifies as LGBT+

Chenle was asked whether he recalled the girl who had shown him a photocard earlier by the female OP (original poster). That lady turned out to be OP’s girlfriend, and they were both big admirers of his.

He was overjoyed when she responded that they had been together for two months. She was upset that they could not meet because of the epidemic, for which Chenle expressed regret.

OP then went on to beg for his blessing, which he gladly gave. Chenle expressed his desire that instead of very intense love, they might love one other for a long period. He hoped they would only go on a smooth route, which he considers the essential factor.


Image courtesy of quietjun/YouTube

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