‘Chilling Roommate’: iKON Chanwoo and GFriend Sowon play lead roles

iKON Chanwoo and GFriend Sowon become lead characters for the first time in a new acting project.

It appears that the iKON’s Chanwoo and GFriend’s lead Sowon are set to play opposite each other as the principal actors in Chilling Roommate.

The Cine-rama Project

There’s plenty to offer fans. We’ll get to watch the main couple’s relationship in film format and K-drama style.

It’s been reported that the production’s partners behind are the production companies – CGV along with Contact Media. They have come up with a brand new project called Cine-rama Project.

It is expected that the Cine-rama Project will combine the form of drama and cinema and tell a story in both forms.

Anyone interested in a big-screen experience can enjoy IKON‘s Chanwoo or GFriend Sowon’s Chilling Roommate as movie in a theatre.

Those who like dramas see the K-drama version of the film on YouTube and other streaming platforms that have teamed in the effort.

Sowon And Chanwoo in the movie ‘Chilling Roommate’

It is important to note that this is Sowon‘s debut acting role. Following the dissolution of GFriend was disbanded, the pop star has decided to make a career as an actress and switched her stage name back to Kim Sojung, her real name.

She has also signed with the entertainment firm IOK Company, whose executive director is former IKON member B.I who is also known as Kim Hanbin.

Sowon, also known as Sojung, said that she has always wanted to get into acting, but she tried to concentrate on her career in music.

For Chanwoo, the actor, he was several guest appearances and supporting roles in dramas and films in the first half of 2010, before his debut in iKON. He’s always wanted to expand his acting career more but was unable to do so previously.

Disappointed iKON members such as Junhoe In fact, he revealed a few weeks ago that they wanted to do more individual roles and expand out into different fields.

The Upset community was also posting this trend in the hope the label YG Entertainment would take notice and fix this. It appears that there’s been some progress. Chilling Roommate is Chanwoo’s debut main part.

Fans are thrilled that he managed to land a drama and an upcoming film as part of the same production. It’s a supernatural rom-com because Sowon is Jung Se-ri, who can see ghosts, while Chanwoo plays Song Ji-chan, who transforms into ghosts. This production will be released later in the year.


Image courtesy of K-pop Report/YouTube

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