China: iPhone 12 sold nearly 18 million units in Q4 of 2020

Despite the pandemic effect, Apple has succeeded in China when it comes to iPhone 12 sales. The 5G smartphone has exceeded expectations!

According to Macrumors, DigiTimes’ recent report revealed that iPhone 12 models sold nearly 18 million units in China in 2020’s Q4. It’s actually beyond previous expectations, especially amid the inevitable COVID-19 situation.

The figures released thus give the California tech giant a Chinese market share of 20 percent! And it’s expected to continue in 2021 as well. So it will increase the Q1 predictions as well, compared to a similar phase of the year gone by.

iPhone 12 series impressing the customers!

What makes this news even more impressive is that Apple succeeded in defeating local Chinese brands. Before the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Vivo, OppoHuawei, and Xiaomi dominated the domestic smartphone market with a 90 percent share.

However, after the latest iPhone lineup’s launch, all the China-based phone makers have a reduced total market share of 78 percent. This is all due to the rise of the new 5G-based smartphone models by Apple.

But this big joy could turn into a problem for the California-based tech giant because the demand in China is very high at the moment. And if the lack of semiconductors (for the iPhones) continues, it might hamper the sales. In simple terms, supply must keep up with the huge demand from customers. However, it’s a good thing for any company; a shortage of components can make things really bad.

It will be interesting to see how the Macbook maker will cope with the semiconductors’ problem for handset parts.

Apple’s upcoming surprises in 2021

Apart from the big joy of witnessing a great performance of the latest smartphone lineup, Apple is busy right now with its next products. Every year, all tech enthusiasts wait eagerly when it comes to anticipating iOS-enabled devices. And 2021 won’t be any different in that manner.

All eyes are set on the next version, iPhone 13, as many rumors surround its features. But before that, there are other accessories and products scheduled to arrive. AirTags and AirPods Studio are one of the most-awaited things since the last few months.

Yes, the AirPods Max saw a surprise release at the end of 2020, but the Studio version will prove to be drastically different. There will be a WWDC event during June, revealing iOS 15 software for all the compatible devices. Just like iOS 14, it’s expected to bring many privacy-based options and a great user experience.

Back to iPhone 12 series, it’s likely to continue doing well in global sales. All major review platforms have mostly praised the new phones so far.

Image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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