China: On sanction of the US and Taiwan arms deal

The US is involved in a new sale of nearly $2 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian provoked the US to halt arms sales to the island.

China’s say on the arms deal by the US

On Monday, China would inflict sanctions on Lockheed Martin, a Boeing security division, and other US firms in arms sales to Taiwan.

This news comes as the self-governed island that Beijing observes as its section. Besides Raytheon, the two US giants were involved in selling almost $2 billion in weapons to Taiwan.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian prompted the US to freeze arms trades to the island.

Taiwan’s status carries the potential for friction between the United States and China. This friction will contribute to broader strife for technology, security, and trade domination.

Extending ownership of Taiwan

Beijing says Taiwan is an unbreakable part of China. Its restoration will be by force if needed.

Zhao said the permissions were “to safeguard national interests.” Consequently, it concerns those who have “misbehaved in the method of arms sales to Taiwan.”

“We will proceed to take necessary steps to safeguard federal sovereignty and security interests,” said Zhao, without providing further particulars on the sanctions.

The US and Taiwan arms deal

Under the government of President Donald Trump, the US has taken Taiwan into the act as part of a broader diplomatic and economic pressure on its rival.

This step includes sending high-level envoys and boosting arms sales. The State Department told last week it had allowed the sale of 135 air-to-ground weapons in a welcome movement by Taiwan.

Also accepted was the purchase of six MS-110 air reconnaissance pods and 11 M142 mobile light rocket launchers. This deal drives the value of the three arms sets to $1.8 billion.

China: Stepping up the game

Beijing has upped diplomatic and military influence on Taiwan. Since the 2016 election of President Tsai Ing-wen, who sees the island as a de facto sovereign country and not a member of “One China.”

Last week, a declaration from the US State Department said the SLAM-ER ammunition would help Taiwan “meet current and prospective threats.”

The missiles present all-weather, day and night, accuracy attack capabilities. These are toward both moving and stationary objectives on the earth or ocean, the report added.

Taiwan’s defense ministry announced the weapons would support it “build reliable combat capabilities and sustain the development of asymmetric counterinsurgency.”

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