Chinese BTS fan beaten and hospitalized


In the middle of the backlash received by BTS from China’s citizens over the 6.25 statement, a post around Weibo has been scattered around the internet, claiming that one BTS fan was allegedly assaulted for being an ARMY.

In one of China’s biggest social media platform similar to Twitter, Weibo, there has been a spreading post from a shocking conversation taken from WeChat. The discussion was taken through a photo capture and was posted On October 13 (Tuesday).

It was revealed in the conversation that a citizen who had a BTS cellphone case was assaulted.

It also says that the same person was severely injured on her face and had her leg also injured, Allkpop reported. The fan received a severe assault requiring her to be hospitalized for a month.

The assaulted victim

The victim will be treated at a hospital, according to the netizen who uploaded the post.

However, the exact location of the assault is still not precise, as it hasn’t been confirmed yet. But the post has been going viral on Weibo.

Meanwhile, other netizens commented on the post, saying that the girl “deserved to be injured” because she is a BTS fan. This has been reasoned out since many Chinese netizens criticized the victim for being a BTS fan.

The growing outrage started during an awarding ceremony

BTS recently won the Van Fleet Award from the Korea Society. The award was given to highlight the group’s contribution to the South Korea-U.S. relations.

Bandleader RM stated during the acceptance speech that the Korea Society’s 2020 Gala is meaningful. Meaningful in the sense that this year marks the Korean War’s 70th anniversary.

He continued saying,

We will always reminisce about the history of pain that our two nations shared and the sacrifices of the countless men and women.”

With RM’s statement, some Chinese netizens raised an issue using the phrase “Two Nations,” which stands for the two countries of South Korea and the U.S.

Some Chinese netizens said that BTS “did not recognize Chinese soldiers’ noble sacrifices during the Korean War.”

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