Chinese Netizens call BLACKPINK ignorant, cruel to pandas

After BLACKPINK members visited an amusement park to meet baby pandas, Chinese netizens slammed the girls for exposing the innocent creatures to diseases.

Recently, YG Entertainment shared a preview for the upcoming 24/365 BLACKPINK episode. In the revealed preview, the quartet can be seen visiting the amusement park to meet baby pandas. However, with the glimpse shown, the Chinese netizens burst out in anger.

The supposed love that created a divisive response

On the preview of BLACKPINK’s show released on November 3, 2020, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose visited an amusement park in Seoul name Everland to meet baby pandas.

The girls caressed and took care of the pandas while being supervised by zookeepers.

With the Korean and international fans showing their jealousy towards the girls’ sweetness and the pandas, the Chinese people were displeased with the girl group.

As seen that the girls were not wearing masks and gloves, many accused them of illegally touching the baby pandas.

The others claimed that it was an irresponsible move for BLACKPINK. They said that going near pandas while wearing make-up is a no-no.

BLACKPINK a threat to pandas?

Other Chinese netizens brought out that most BLACKPINK members live with dogs. With it, they pointed out that some baby pandas may die due to the canine distemper virus.

The said virus is transferrable through dogs. And they said that with BLACKPINK members in the area, they could potentially transfer the virus.

The netizens also noted that coming into contact with pandas is illegal. As per laws regarding panda diplomacy, all pandas in foreign countries are technically on loan from China. This means that those who are raising pandas outside China should follow the Chinese-regulated protocols.

Pandas are treasures to China

Meanwhile, in China, Pandas are considered national treasures. So this outrage from Chinese netizens is somehow understandable.

Several news articles shared into news outlets’ Weibo accounts mentioned BLACKPINK. And that the BLACKPINK members may cause harm to pandas.

Now, the Chinese netizens are not only demanding the BLACKPINK to apologize. They also ask the South Korean government and the Everland amusement park to do the same.

Image courtesy of K-BUZZ/YouTube Screenshot

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