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Chris Evans’s ‘in the state of nature’ causes lot of Twitter drama!


Chris Evans posted what we call an ‘unclothed’ picture on Instagram! Let us see how the public responds.

The Avengers star, Chris Evans, posted a picture on Instagram. The image consisted of what seemed to be a picture of his nether region. The photo was, however, taken down within a short time after posting it.

Fans and media seemed to have made quite a fuss on social media platforms.

How It Started

Chris had posted a video of his family playing Heads Up. The screen recording showed “the” photo. There was also this doubtful image in his camera roll, which had this picture with “Guard That ‘Thing’.”

Well, there is nothing to get excited about. The picture has been deleted within minutes of its posting.

But the media seems to have gone crazy with this accidental posting of the photo by Captain America. We were familiar with ‘America’s backside’ that Captain had saved repeatedly in the Marvel’s Avengers series.

The reactions to Chris Evans’s post

Chris Evans took this opportunity of having a buzz in the media and turned it into something positive. He says, “Now that I have your attention…Vote Nov 3rd!!!”

The actor’s brother, Scott Evans, joked, saying, “Was off from social media for the day yesterday. So, what did I miss?”

Other Hollywood actors also comment about the incident. Actor Mark Ruffalo who was also his co-star in the Avengers series, The Incredible Hulk, tweeted, saying “@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office, there is NOTHING you could do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.”

There have also been several tweets that took the form of memes. As in, check this out.

The silver lining

Humans are not as bad as we think they are. One of the positive impacts of this mishaps was how the fans supported Chris Evans.

Apart from Hollywood actors, friends, and family, Evans also received the support of several other people from the public.

Yes, there were a lot of negative tweets all over the Internet. However, fans did not miss supporting the former Captain America.

A lot of other pictures were posted. Celebrities took to post tweets that supported a mistake made by another human being. And of course, “haven’t you seen a willy before” and remarks like that continue to prove that we still believe in supporting one another.

The media tends to create a lot of fuss over nothing.

Was it really ‘nothing’?

One of the positive impacts that we saw from this ‘accident’ is the kind of support in Hollywood.

Well, Let’s hope that it remains!

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