Chris Evans may be back as old Captain America in ‘Secret Wars’

Captain America Chris Evans

Chris Evans may play Captain America again and join the adaptation of Secret Wars, Marvel’s next big franchise.

Evans retired as Captain America, both in the MCU franchise and in the movie, following Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Fans last saw his character grow old and gray after he time-traveled to a different future, which he had desired for a long time.

Reports now say that this older version of Steve Rogers/Captain America will be back for Secret Wars, which is an ambitious crossover project.

Apparently, Evans is in talks to reprise his iconic role along with Robert Downey Jr. The latter’s character, however, will be a parallel version of Tony Stark/Iron Man from a different Earth.

The report went on to say that Evans and Downey’s return will open a new opportunity for Captain America and Iron Man. The plan is to have them share the screen with the superheroes from the Fox franchise, such as the Fantastic Four.

Geekosity reported an even crazier idea that involves Captain America coming face-to-face with Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. At one point, Evans actually played Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the 2005 movie.


Still brainstorming

Suggestions of Captain America’s return, however, are still in the brainstorming stages, so nothing has been set in stone. It’s unclear where the conversations will go as the development of Secret Wars come into play.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel has been planning to adapt Secret Wars for years. The Russo brothers, the duo behind the Avengers movies, also said that they will be convinced to return to the franchise if the studio will make Secret Wars.

The timing could be ripe as Disney+ is expected to gain steam in 2021 because of the many anticipated TV series debuts alongside MCU’s bigger Phase 4 and 5. The tipsters said that there are ambitious plans for Disney and Marvel to crossover movies and TV shows to link and tell different parts of the stories.

What is Secret Wars?

Marvel published Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars in the 1980s as a limited release featuring 12 issues. The premise of this story involves a cosmic entity named the Beyonder, who becomes fascinated with the superheroes on Earth.

The Beyonder then chooses from these superheroes and villains, including Captain America, and transports them to another dimension called the Battleworld. The Battleworld is an alternate world filled with alien weapons, advanced technology, and a twist in the lives of the characters.

Marvel or Disney have not confirmed these rumors, though, but it will be interesting to see how they can bring back Captain America to the fold.


Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/ CC BY-SA 2.0 <> / via Wikimedia Commons

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