Chris Hansen, former ‘Predator’ host, turns himself in amid legal issues

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen voluntarily sent himself behind bars after failing to attend a court hearing.

A Michigan judge officially signed a warrant for Chris Hansen’s arrest and caused him to enter the custody voluntarily.

Hansen, the former host of To Catch a Predator, recently failed to attend a court hearing. He was scheduled to submit more footage of the police sting operation.

The 61-year-old disgraced TV personality admitted himself to the Shiawassee County Jail but was released with a warning. According to prosecutor Scott Koerner, Hansen should submit the full video of the sting within 14 days.

He even had time to share to his followers that “Justice marches on!” before assuring them that he already settled everything.

The sting operation in question happened in October between Shiawassee and Genesee county sheriff’s office. A state corrections officer was part of the three men who tried to meet underage girls and perform sexual activities with them.

“He wasn’t intending to not appear or to be somebody that was trying to circumvent the process. It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that resulted in a failure to appear,” Hansen’s lawyer, Clint Perryman, explained.

The former host provided a video — but they already edited it.

Hansen no longer a stranger to crimes

It was not the first time Hansen had a taste of the jail though.

In 2019, Hansen received charges for issuing bad checks and failing to pay a marketing materials vendor. He also turned himself into police at that time, the Stamford Police confirmed.

He signed a promise to appear in court following his release without bond.

According to the official documents, Hansen availed Promotional Sales LTD’s service through its owner, Peter Psichopaidas. He particularly asked the company to make mugs, shirts, and decals for a marketing event.

Overall, the goods were worth $12,998.05. Hansen agreed to pay the amount in full before the company delivers the items. Through his staff, he sent a cheque three months after receiving the invoices.

However, the check bounced, and the business owner officially filed a complaint in April 2017. Investigator Sean Coughlin reached Hansen to invite him to the Stamford police station but he never dropped by.

Hansen also alleged that his wife would hand them the check but never did. The investigator reportedly received the check and email from him about how Hansen sold his boat to cover the fees. The second payment bounced, as well.

“Peter … I truly thought I had this covered,” he said. “I am scrambling to get it done. Please give me till the end of the day. I sold a boat to cover the rest of this and need to pick up the payment this afternoon.”

But to everyone’s surprise, Chris Hansen told the officers he never wrote another check.

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