Chris Hemsworth allegedly jealous of Jason Momoa, feuding rumors debunked

Chris Hemsworth allegedly jealous of Jason Momoa, feuding rumors debunked

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa are allegedly feuding because the former is jealous of the latter, according to a report.

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa are often pitted against each other. One outlet claimed that there was bad blood between them, so Gossip Cop investigated the report.

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa’s rumored feud

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa are often compared due to their superhero roles. Both actors are also working on their respective blockbusters in Australia, which may have rekindled the comparison between the two.

Hemsworth is filming Thor: Love and Thunder while Momo was shooting Aquaman 2. The two are allegedly feuding who between them is the bigger hunk, the National Enquirer reported.

“They both have huge egos, and they’ve been sniping at each other since Jason has been making himself comfortable on Chris’ home turf in Australia,” the anonymous source said.

“Now things are getting a little personal.”

Hemsworth was allegedly used to being the top dog in his home country. So, he not happy with the attention Momoa was receiving from the people in Australia.

“Chris has gotten a little jealous of all the attention Jason’s gotten in his own backyard,” the hideous source said.

Aside from the recognition from the locals, big Australian stars like Nicole Kidman allegedly want to work with Momoa. The insider called their rumored feud a “battle of the big boys” because both were allegedly used to being the center of attention.

Rumored feud debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report about the two Hollywood stars and found no evidence about the rumored feud. The rumor-debunking site pointed out that their respective film universes may be technically competing, but Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa appear to be friendly.

In fact, Momoa made several supportive comments on Hemsworth’s Instagram post. There were comments on the Marvel star’s Instagram calling him a “beast,” and the Aquaman star wrote, “the best.”

The outlet noted that even if Momoa and Hemsworth are not often seen together, things between the two are amicable. As for Nicole Kidman working with Momoa, this is not something new. In fact, Kidman played Arthur Curry as Aquaman’s mother and ruler of Atlantis.

In related news, New Idea also published a report claiming that Chris Hemsworth and his brother, Liam, want to work with Kidman to boost their careers. However, there was no truth to such reports because both already have established careers.


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