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Chris Hemsworth bans Liam Hemsworth from hanging out with him, his friends: Rumor


Chris Hemsworth has, allegedly, banned Liam Hemsworth from hanging out with him and his friends in Hollywood.

According to Woman’s Day, Liam Hemsworth is so used to spending time with his older brother because they grew up together. But following Chris’ success in Thor, he developed close friendships with other big-time celebrities.

Liam Hemsworth jealous of his older brother

Now, a source is claiming that Liam can’t help but feel left out. And this, according to the unnamed source, proves that there are tensions between the siblings.

“So, for Liam to not be joining Chris and his new mates – not even for a night at the footy, which is right up Liam’s alley – hints that there’s tension there. Perhaps Liam was hoping for a role in the new Thor, but it could easily overshadow Chris so it’s not surprising if it didn’t eventuate and Liam’s sulking,” the source said.

Elsa Pataky wants Chris, Liam to be farther from each other

According to the source, Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky is encouraging her husband to move to Sydney because she’s tired of living far from the city. But doing so means that Chris would be farther from his younger brother.

“Chris’s wife Elsa is pushing for them to move to Sydney to be closer to the hustle and bustle. They spend so much time flying into work and hang out with their new friends that it makes sense. Elsa was never a huge fan of the big smoke, but lately, she’s changed her tune. She’s been loving her girly shopping trips with Isla Fisher, Tessa Thompson, and Rita Ora,” the source said.

Chris Hemsworth follows wife’s wishes over Liam Hemsworth

However, the side effect of moving south would be abandoning Liam and everything that they have built together.

Unfortunately, Chris has no choice but to eventually follow his wife’s orders especially since there are rumors that Pataky is pregnant again.

The tabloid uploaded a photo of the former actress holding her stomach, and they immediately assumed that it’s because she’s pregnant.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Pataky isn’t pregnant and she’s not also encouraging Chris to move to Sydney.

As for Chris and Liam Hemsworth, there’s also no indication that they’ve had a falling out.

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