Chris Paul has chance to prove the Rockets wrong

Chris Paul has a chance to prove the Rockets wrong

Chris Paul will get the chance to prove that he is far from being a washed-up superstar by taking on the Rockets in the Playoffs.

Year after year, the NBA provides quality entertainment for fans to enjoy.

This season is particularly special because of the situation. Early on, fans have already been writing off the season’s champion. What they didn’t know then is the struggle and hardship that players have to go through just to see finish the season. As such, Giannis Antetokounmpo said that this season’s champion doesn’t deserve an asterisk.

Among the storylines that took the spotlight was the offseason trades made by OKC. They let go of Russell Westbrook and Paul George, who were supposed to be the pillars of their team. In return, they got Chris Paul, Danilo Gallinari, and a bunch of quality players.

Chris Paul to prove haters wrong

It is not a state secret that not everyone like Chris Paul. He’s a sly player and takes advantage of every opportunity to gain an edge. Unfortunately, several analysts have written him off because of the trade. Everyone expected Paul to be traded right away after landing in OKC.

However, the contrary was true. The team kept Paul and made him lead the players to a stunning fifth-spot in the West. Again, no one expected this to happen. Behind Paul, the team found its offensive system and made the rag-tag players around him surprisingly good.

Because of this run, they earned a chance to knock off the Houston Rockets, which essentially just gave up on Paul.

Battle of two systems

Paul is a level headed player unlike his counterpart in the Rockets, Russell Westbrook. He’s not the most athletic player, but his basketball IQ compensates for it. Also, he doesn’t need the athleticism because Paul has Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dennis Schroder to do the dirty work for him.

Paul can stand his ground against any charging player in the Rockets’ roster. After all, they’re the smallest team in the league. However, Billy Donovan will have his hands full on the drawing board. He will have to figure out how to fight a small-ball system but still utilize an effective Steven Adams.

The Rockets rely on three-point shooting as much as they rely on the drive-bys of Westbrook and Harden. As such, Donovan has to do a balancing act of defending both the paint and the arc. If he cracks the code on this, the Thunder may just have enough power to upset the team that traded Chris Paul away.

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