Chris Paul, playing for OKC still on the line

Chris Paul, playing for OKC still on the line

Chris Paul remains mum about whether or not he’ll request a trade from OKC to another team next season after playing phenomenally this year.

Chris Paul was a virtual witness to the Game 3 win of the Miami Heat against the Los Angeles Lakers. He was watching the game like any other fan of the league. However, because he’s Chris Paul, NBA on ESPN easily spotted him and called him for an interview.

Paul, a 10-time All-Star, has entered the latter part of his playing career. He still has yet to win a chip after spending a long time in the league. Fortunately, his game still isn’t showing any signs of decline.

Chris Paul remains mum about future with the OKC

The Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the teams that surprised many this year. Las Vegas didn’t even give them a chance to enter the Playoffs this season. Nevertheless, they still ended with a fifth seed. Not being content with that, the OKC Thunder even took the Rockets to a seven-game first-round thriller in the West.

All these achievements this season could easily be attributed to the leadership of Chris Paul. He took Dennis Schroder and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander under his wings. Instead of completely giving up on the young roster, Chris Paul developed the two young guards into franchise cornerstones.

Now it remains to be seen how Chris Paul will move forward. He’s proven that he can immediately influence a team into contention. However, his decision will heavily weigh how much he’ll want to win his own NBA championship ring. When asked how he’ll approach his twilight years, Paul said,

“Man I just love to hoop. Billie Donovan is amazing. My teammates were great. Sam Presti has been great since I got there. You call it twilight years. I call it a blessing… imma just keep on rolling.”

Where can he go for year 16 in the league?

Chris Paul will be one of the hottest players during the offseason. He still has a big payday in the last year of his contract, and OKC can fetch a haul if Chris Paul indeed requests a trade.

There are several teams in the league that are in search of a true floor general. The long list includes the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Los Angeles Clippers. All these teams have incredibly strong rosters, but they are just one key piece away from truly contending.

The Sixers have already hired Doc Rivers to replace Brett Brown. In other words, reeling in Chris Paul could be an easier job for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

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