Chris Paul, three teams that need him the most

Chris Paul has a chance to prove the Rockets wrong

Chris Paul is one of the hottest players rumored to be on the trade block considering the amount of talent he brings to the table.

The offseason is just right around the corner, but there is still so much basketball left to be played. Nevertheless, teams are already strategizing for a tricky transition to the 2020-2021 season. All front offices will be busy juggling between a win-now move and managing a limited cap space.

There’s a fine line delineating the two priorities. There are three teams that need to foot the bill if they want to win right away. These are the Clippers, Sixers, and the Bucks. All these have been booted out of the Playoffs, and they have one need in common. The name of the guy to fit their needs is Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is slated to be paid north of US$85 million in the next two seasons. That is without saying that he is already 35-year-old. However, based on what he’s shown in the Thunders, he still has so much left in the tank to contribute.

The Bucks sorely need Chris Paul

Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Bucks squad earned history rights this year. They were the fastest team to clinch a Playoffs spot since 1984. However, they failed to convert when it mattered the most. Instead, they were exposed by the underdogs, Miami Heat. The Bucks’ future still hangs in the balance if Giannis sign a max contract.

He can walk away after the next season without the Bucks getting anything back. Fortunately, the team has already committed that it is willing to dip into the luxury tax to make Giannis happy. As such, trading for Chris Paul may be a good idea.

Yes, they will lose a big part of their core, namely, Ersan Ilyasova, Eric Bledsoe, Robin Lopez, and Donte DiVincenzo. Bleacher Report has cracked the numbers, and the trade is possible. However, in return, they get a true point guard that can completely change the flow of the Bucks’ offense. Giannis can focus on dominating the paint and doing what he does best, which is to ram through traffic.

The Philadelphia 76ers need a reboot, again

The 76ers ended their season this year on an embarrassing note. All analysts were upbeat about the amount of talent in its roster. However, just like the Bucks, they crumbled when it mattered the most. They lost in a sweeping fashion against the Boston Celtics. There is no denying that their system was also exposed.

Outside of Ben Simmons, no one can control the pace of the game. As such, when Simmons injured his knee, the offense of the Sixers stagnated. They will need a true point guard in his stead, and Chris Paul also fits the requirements. They have a bad contract with Al Horford that they can trade away for a veteran-to-veteran deal. The Sixers will just have to make the deal more interesting with some picks of some serviceable players.

Steve Ballmer will need to swallow his pride

The Clippers also failed miserably in the Playoffs. This year showed that Kawhi Leonard is dominating by himself. However, he can’t control the pace of the game to lift his team. As a result, they fell against the comeback surge of the Denver Nuggets.

The Clippers are paying Paul George and Kawhi Leonard big bucks. As a result, they might find a hard time preparing a deal that can land Chris Paul to the team. As such, Steve Ballmer will need to be creative to pull off this deal.

Having Chris Paul back in Clippers’ locker room can be a surer guarantee of a championship.

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