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Chris Pratt shortlisted to star in ‘Warcraft’ reboot: rumor


A live-action reboot of Warcraft is reportedly in the works with Chris Pratt’s name on the top of the shortlist.

Warcraft, based on the popular video game, became a live-action film under the direction of Duncan Jones in 2016. The movie featured Raised by Wolves and Vikings star Travis Fimmel. However, it failed to make big bucks at the box office, except in China.

Sources told We Got This Covered that a plan is in place for a do-over with the Guardians of the Galaxy star leading the cast’s shortlist. The studio is reportedly eyeing Pratt to take on the lead human role.

However, other actors are also in consideration in case the Marvel star has a full schedule. The report doesn’t say who is also being eyed for the role, but the studio is apparently looking for a “handsome and charismatic” star.

The Warcraft reboot is aiming for a clean slate. This means that cast members who were originally signed on for the multi-picture deal might not be in the reboot.

A long development process

Blizzard, the gaming company, and Legendary Pictures planned the live-action adaptation of Warcraft since 2006. Sam Raimi was the first high-profile name attached to the project as the director, but Jones eventually replaced him in 2013.

Jones changed the story’s adaptation, with Blizzard’s approval, after finding the fantasy film lacking in excitement. But while doing the movie, Jones suffered a couple of personal setbacks as his wife found out she had breast cancer. Towards the end of writing the screenplay with Charles Leavitt, Jones then lost his father, David Bowie, to cancer.

“My film started and ended with cancer,” the director said in an interview.

It took Jones another year to begin filming Warcraft with a budget of $160 million and then another 20 more months to finish post-production. Jones wrote the story with a potential for a sequel, but by 2018, the director posted on Twitter that a follow up wasn’t likely.

Cinematic universe or animated series?

The World of Warcraft video games is a massive property with plenty of stories and characters. This was one of the problems of the live-action film because all these elements were crammed into a two-hour movie.

If the rumors are true, the Warcraft reboot would likely become the beginning of a new cinematic universe in the vein of Marvel or DC. Fans of the video game, however, hope that the reboot will set a good pace for the story development that will not muddle the backstories of the humans and orcs.

However, some fans prefer a Warcraft animated series on a streaming platform than a live-action franchise. For many avid gamers, an animated show would have more chances of succeeding, especially after the first movie’s big flop.

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