Chris Redfield rumored to return in ‘Resident Evil 8’

Chris Redfield rumored to return in 'Resident Evil 8'

Series mainstay character Chris Redfield is expected to return with a new look for Resident Evil 8 as stated by a well-known source.

Speculations about Resident Evil 8 have been circulating online ever since the seventh installment hit the shelves back in January 2017. One of the more recent rumors involves the very first protagonist of the franchise, Chris Redfield.

According to renowned Resident Evil (RE) insider Dusk Golem, a.k.a AestheticGamer, not only is Capcom bringing the character back for the upcoming game, but they’re also completely revamping his look.

Chris Redfield’s makeover

In one of Dusk Golem‘s threads regarding Resident Evil 8, he explains that Capcom will be using Chris’ model from Resident Evil 7 as a base, but will be updating him to come off as more bulky and grizzled, similar to his design from the fifth and sixth installments.

Fans of the series will remember Chris Redfield’s drastic redesign where Capcom took the scrawny, baby-faced S.T.A.R.S point man from RE1, and replaced him with the scruffy, muscle-bound behemoth that he showed up as in RE5.

A similar design persisted in RE 6, though he would undergo another radical makeover for his appearance in the RE 7 downloadable content story mission “Not a hero.” Developers gave him a more realistic feel and altered his look to better suit the game’s overall aesthetic.

Other leaks surrounding Resident Evil 8

Chris Redfield’s return isn’t the only rumor that Dusk Golem is peddling, as he took to Twitter to announce that the upcoming game would be “by far the darkest and most gruesome RE yet.”

He also gave gamers a brief rundown on some of the enemies that players can expect to encounter through the course of the game, such as a new type of zombie, beastmen, witches, and a Juggernaut.

Dusk gamer elaborated in one of his ResetEra posts:

For enemy talk, I’m not saying anything new here as all of this was in the Ambassador demo, but even just in that there were:
-Zombies, they’re a new type of zombie though.
-Beastmen, the werewolf things people mention.
-Witch, a stalker who’s really tall with an obscured face, laughs a lot and does things with insects.
-Juggernaut, its this burly chained up dude with a staff.

And I can tell you there’s more than these four enemies in the game and the zombies and Beastmen have some variety to them.

While Dusk Gamer has been spot-on several times in the past when it comes to Resident Evil leaks, gamers shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet since all the news pertaining to the future title are merely hearsay and entirely unofficial.

Capcom has yet to announce any details whatsoever regarding Resident Evil 8.

Image Courtesy of CapcomUSA/Twitter

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