Chrissy Teigen shares ‘hilarious’ parenting hack to get kids to eat

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share two kids and one on the way.

Chrissy Teigen has never hesitated to share personal thoughts and ideas on social media. From time to time, the model and cookbook author posts funny and hilarious things on her accounts.

As a mother of two-turning-three, she understands the struggles and challenges of having and raising kids. Reports said that she has repeatedly opened up about motherhood in interviews and even on social media.

Chrissy Teigen has helping hands in raising kids

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have become some of the most active celebrities in the industry. With their respective careers in modeling and music, it is not surprising that they find having and raising kids difficult, and as an “immense struggle,” according to Cheat Sheet.

But, the Cravings chef “has no qualms” about letting her fans and supporters in on the fact that she has helping hands in raising her and the Love Me Now singer’s two kids, Luna and Miles. As revealed, the family lives with Teigen’s mother, alongside their nannies who help them with the kids.

She previously shared about the matter, adding that she does not want the public to “overlook” the help they have inside the house. She mentioned the “nannies” and “nutritionist” who help her and her mother, as well as John Legend, with the two kids.

Her “hilarious” hack for Miles and Luna

Earlier this week, Chrissy Teigen shared a post on Twitter, revealing how she gets Miles to eat his lunch. She said that she loves when kids have obsessions over things, noting that it makes her life “so much easier.”

Considering that her 2-year-old son loves Lightning McQueen, she stated that Miles does whatever the character says. So, to get him to eat his lunch, the model tells him that it is Lightning McQueen’s favorite.

For her 4-year-old daughter, however, Teigen, reportedly, used a different approach. Reports said that when Luna was on her “picky eating stage,” the cookbook author created a menu where her daughter could choose her meals. As noted, it worked out great for her and her daughter.

Chrissy and John are expecting their third child

Earlier this month, Chrissy and John revealed that they are expecting their third child. The All Of Me singer described it as a “little quarantine surprise,” while the model called it a “miracle,” according to People.

The publication said that the couple, especially Chrissy Teigen, is very open about their decision to undergo in vitro fertilization. This is why her pregnancy today has become a huge surprise for them since this is the first time she got pregnant naturally.

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