Chrissy Teigen responds to fans following Botox announcement

Chrissy Teigen responds to fans following Botox announcement

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are pregnant with their third baby.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend surprised their fans after announcing their third pregnancy. Aside from their followers, it also became a surprise to the couple as they did not expect it.

Reports said that the couple had their first two kids via in vitro fertilization. The Crave celebrity herself even revealed that it all became a shock to them as they never knew that they could be pregnant “naturally.”

While several netizens have shared their support toward the couple, many individuals recently expressed their concern about the pregnancy. As reported, Teigen announced that she would get a botox, according to Page Six.

Why Chrissy Teigen is getting botox

Several publications noted that botox is a “neurotoxin.” It is a “poison” that the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum produces. Many people typically get botox injections for cosmetic purposes. As noted, it smooths out wrinkles and fine lines.

For Chrissy Teigen, however, she explained that the botox injection would not be for cosmetic reasons. She revealed that it would be for her “really bad pregnancy headaches.”

Taking her thoughts to Twitter, the 34-year-old celebrity told her followers that her doctors cleared her out to do a “neck muscle botox.” She also noted that the botox would come with a “crazy combo of beta-blocker shots,” as well as a “radio wave frequency.”

Fans questioned her decisions

Following the revelations, many of Chrissy Teigen’s fans asked her about the “migraine-related” treatment on the platform. She clarified, later on, that she consulted a neurologist instead of a cosmetologist. She also told her followers that it is “better” and “safer” considering that neurologists talk to OBs.

Despite clarifying, though, many still went on to question her decision. But, John Legend’s wife further explained that she gets painful headaches because of “teeth grinding.” She then gave her followers a tip that injecting botox in the eyebrow area also helps with migraines.

Her response to criticisms

The effect of botox amid pregnancy remains “unknown,” according to Fox News. But, there is a “limited study” claiming that botox is “relatively safe” for pregnant women, as well as the fetus.

Amid all the explanations, Chrissy Teigen seemingly received criticisms from other netizens. One commented that she should brace herself as some mothers will “likely” criticize her for her decision. The model responded that she does not care at all.

Featured image courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube

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