Christian Twitch streamer gets banned after discussing religion to Muslim player


Amazon’s hit online streaming platform, Twitch, has reportedly pounded the ban gavel to a certain Fortnite streamer after preaching Christianity to a Muslim player.

Twitch continues to make headlines after strict implementation of its streaming guidelines has landed many known streamers with all sorts of bans. Others, such as Dr Disrespect, are not quite certain as to why they deserved the ban.

While some are due to supposed scandal allegations. This new case, however, may have something to do with religion.

Twitch accused of being part of “Cancel Christianity” culture

Per GameRantFortnite streamer who goes by the stage name “Dr Witnesser” has recently taken the issue to Twitter, announcing the 7-day ban notice he got from Twitch.

Accordingly, Dr Witnesser is said to be known for preaching the “gospel of the Christian religion” within the Fortnite realm.

On Monday, July 13, Dr Witnesser tweeted, alleging that Twitch is banning Christian streamers for “talking about what the Bible says” on the streaming platform. He then questioned if Twitch is now part of the “#CancelChristianity culture.”

Attached to the tweet was the ban notice.

As it turns out, per the media outlet, the violation came from an encounter with a Muslim boy on FortniteDr Witnesser allegedly asked the young player, “how he could ignore countless prophecies in the Christian Bible which have come true through Jesus.”

The player then responded that he wasn’t a believer of Christianity, because, obviously, the child was Mulsim. This led the streamer to tell the child that “if he were to die at that moment, he would be going to hell.”

Online community reacting to the ban

The Twitterverse is mostly calling out Dr Witnesser for his actions, as it is actually illegal to preach religion to minors without the permission or without the presence of their parents.

A well-noted streamer of Fortnite, Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman, gave his two-cents on the issue, saying that Twitch “made the right call” on banning Dr Witnesser.

This actually led to a little Twitter clash, with dakotaz insisting that the generality of it all is not to talk to minors about sensitive subjects such as religion, without parental consent.

According to Dexerto, the search for any rule against “proselytizing” on the platform’s ToS or Community Guidelines falls short. But, it looks like the ban had something to do more with how the streamer went about his way of preaching, especially to an unsupervised minor.

Dr Witnesser has since moved his streaming career to DLive—a blockchain-based streaming service—and on YouTube.


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