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Christina Anstead suffers from mental health problem amid Ant Anstead split


Christina Anstead left devastated by her split from Ant Anstead that she is now suffering from anxiety.

Christina Anstead let go of her second husband, Ant Anstead, but the burden doubled even after she already cut the ties from him.

Last week, Christina confirmed that she and Ant ended their two years of marriage. Initially, she already experienced a split from her first husband, Tarek El Moussa.

One week later, she detailed the aftermath of the split through an Instagram post.

The 37-year-old TV personality got real about the failed marriages she went through and how the most recent one triggered anxiety in her life.

She began the post by reintroducing herself and telling everyone that she never thought about appearing on TV. But at a very young age, she became fond of viewing model homes.

“I never thought I would have one divorce let alone two,” she wrote. “I never thought I would have 2 baby daddies – but sometimes life throws us curve balls.”

The HGTV star wrote that although she had those downfalls, she sees them as opportunities that will let her grow.

Christina Anstead Now Healing

Despite having a messy mind, she said that she is currently working on healing. With those extremely powerful women who support her, Christina feels like she will soon build herself up again.

To end her post, she left a message to her followers, telling them that she hoped she inspired them all. She also wished they got encouraged to “not be so hard on themselves for the decisions/choices they have made.”

Currently, she shares two children with El Moussa — Taylor (9) and Brayden (5). Meanwhile, Ant has Amelie (16) and Archie (14) from his first marriage with Louise Herbert.

Meanwhile, Ant and Cristina welcomed their first child together, Hudson London.

Netizens Slammed Christina

Despite staying positive amid the heartbreak she is going through, Christina received criticisms from netizens for being an attention seeker.

One netizen said, “In the original announcement, she wanted privacy. Privacy must mean attention in Hollywood.”

Another one wrote, “Unhappy all the time and complaining about things constantly instead of being grateful for your blessings and making sacrifices for the family and kids leads to this – just stay single and focus on you and your career. That’s what’s obviously the most important thing to you.”

Most people also called her out for using people to get what she wants, calling her a climber.

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