Chrome 81’s Tab Groups is a game changer! Here’s how to use it


Google Chrome’s new update, Chrome 81, introduces the Tab Group feature, allowing users to finally be able to organize tabs. Learn how to enable it and make sure to maximize its features.

Numerous reports say that the user feedback for Google Chrome has not been so good lately that many have opted not to use this browser anymore. They’ve cited privacy issues and some security concerns.

However, with the Chrome 81 update, users may choose to stick with the Google browser for now. With many of the working class struggling to get any work done with the work-from-home setup, this new organizing feature will be of great help.

With Chrome 81’s Tab Groups feature, users can now declutter open tabs and arrange them accordingly.

Enable Tab groups feature

To activate the new feature, go to Chrome://flags/#tab-groups. This is originally set to default and all you have to do to change it to “enable.”

Once the change has been made, Google Chrome will prompt you to “Relaunch” the browser for the changes to take effect. Just make sure to save any work that needs saving before relaunching the browser to avoid any data loss.

Moreover, when Chrome has relaunched, right-click on a tab and choose “Add to new group.”

Initially, users will be prompted with a colored dot indication beside the tab and colored outline on the tab itself. You can name the Tab group and even change the assigned color.

Just click on the colored tab to see its options.

Now, this may not be what other users expected for Tab Groups, like the Grouped layers in Photoshop. The tabs won’t be compacted.

It’ll just keep users organized as to which tabs are for what, dividing that tabs into purpose or what-not. The whole concept looks like a virtual file folder.

Other Chrome 81 updates

Aside from Tab Groups, there are a few updates as well that are to be noted.

First, the App icon badging is now stable.

The Badging API is a desktop version of your phone’s app with number notification.

Chrome developers have also implemented WebXR hit testing and Web NFC. Read more about it on their developer’s blog.

Also, if you still didn’t know, you can forward the current tab that you have open to any of your connected mobile devices. Just right-click on the tab and select “Send to your devices.”

Meanwhile, the next Google Chrome update will reportedly skip update 82, and release Chrome 83 mid-May this year.

Google has decided to schedule the next Chrome update release three weeks before its original schedule. There could be a few reasons behind this move.

It is more likely that Google has considered the work-from-home struggles that many users are looking experiencing. This is one way of keeping their users and helping them as well.

Images courtesy of Google Chrome Developers/YouTube Screenshot

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