Chromebooks just had the finest year ever in the decade

Chromebooks had an incredible year in 2020. Through the reports of the Chromebook sales, it is quite evident. Chromebooks are a laptop which doesn’t use Windows OS or any other operating system.

Instead of that, Chromebooks use Google Chrome OS as their operating system. Therefore they are cheap and, in some cases, quite reliable.

The cheapness and more availability make a better future for the Chromebook in the year ahead.

The surge in the users of Chromebook

In the last quarter, it has seen a massive surge in the number of users. According to a research firm Gartner and Canalys, there was a shipment of over 30 million Chromebooks last year.

In quarter four itself, around 11 to 11.7 million Chromebooks were shipped. Comparing to 2019, the firm thinks that it was able to compete with it brilliantly.

But both the firms are unable to reach an exact growth percentage approximation.

For Gartner, it is around 80 percent, while for Canalys, it is about 109%. In comparison to the current market trend, the growth of the PC category has been immense.

Only for the PC category, around 11 percent growth has been observed.

This is the most significant growth of the decade. However, Chromebooks were able to trounce the development of PCs.

This isn’t to give any superior edge to the Chromebooks. Around 275 million traditional computers were sold this year.

During this pandemic, the primary thing which got affected was education. As the traditional teaching method has shifted to online classes, parents are too moving on buying laptops and PCs.

Education is booming, and so does the Chromebook

Chromebooks, being so much familiar with the students, make their studies portable and cheerful.

During this lockdown, it has been the best seller laptop. The Vice President of Microsoft Education himself claims that Chromebooks are best suited for the education domain.

In audio, leaked by the organization meeting, the vice president tells his employees that Chromebooks and Windows PCs were getting sold a lot during this lockdown.

But the Chromebooks were able to defeat Windows PCs in competition. They are faster and cheaper and thus can be easily deployed and managed.

As the students shift themselves from conventional teaching, they won’t stick to the traditional desktop computers. Instead of that, many students are seen using tablets and Chromebooks.

This is, however, a good option for Chromebook to enhance its position in the market. Technology is evolving day by day.

Hence, keeping up with the market and bringing new technology or update is what Chromebook should imbibe.


Image courtesy of Engadget/YouTube Screenshot

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