Some great classic video games don’t have a remake yet


Classic video games of old are some of the most fun titles, but time buried many of them. As the industry moves to doing remakes, some titles deserve it more.

When it comes to classic video games, four forgotten titles deserve a remake. These games include Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire IV, and Suikoden. While there are others like Dino Crisis, fans would enjoy a new entry to these titles.

Chrono Trigger’s story needs a retelling


Chrono Trigger is among the best, if not the best video game of all time. The SNES title received a ton of awards in its heyday, with 10/10 across different sites. The depth of storytelling and innovative gameplay mechanics made it a classic.

While Chrono Trigger received some ports in the late 2000s, the game is yet to get a remake. So far, any remakes to the game are not in sight. Square Enix, the owner of the IP, is busy with remakes for their Final Fantasy franchise.

Even then, Chrono Trigger and its sequel, Chrono Cross, are worth the effort. Fans of the game have clamored for a remake. New technology can help innovate the game further, like giving it an open world aesthetic.

Breath of Fire IV needs to come back


The Breath of Fire franchise is still an active series, with Breath of Fire VI as recent as 2016. Even then, the West did not receive a Breath of Fire game since 2003. Among the best in the franchise is Breath of Fire IV.

Breath of Fire IV received solid reviews outside Japan, with compelling gameplay. The RPG was a best seller for a while, and it’s a great title to enjoy. Even then, Capcom is busy, recently figuring out how to popularize Monster Hunter.

At the moment, they are also busy with the Resident Evil remakes. Still, Breath of Fire IV would be among the classic video games that players will enjoy.

Suikoden is another forgotten classic


Suikoden is another classic that is yet to receive its much-deserved remake. The series is one of the mature titles of the genre, with themes of politics and corruption. The second installment, Suikoden II, is regarded as one of the most acclaimed RPGs ever.

The problem with Suikoden comes from its creator, Konami. So far, Konami is busy retooling itself and will likely not have a AAA game any time soon. The company is making a ton of money from its card games and arcade titles.

Classic video games are there for a reason. As companies are bringing old titles back, some deserve it more than others. With a fanbase still clamoring for their return, some of these games will be worth the remake.

Images courtesy of Square Enix, Capcom, Konami/Youtube Screenshot

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