Chucky TV series confimed during [email protected]


Chucky TV series will hold its trailer’s world premiere at the [email protected] event.

The trailer of the upcoming Chucky TV series will, reportedly, arrive at [email protected]

The official website of Comic-Con released the program schedule for their [email protected] event. The trailer of the TV series secured a one-hour slot on Sunday and will reportedly show exclusive content to fans.

It will also show the behind-the-scenes clips and cast interviews of every movie in the franchise.

Celebrities, including Brad Dourif — who originally voiced Chucky — and Jennifer Tilly will, reportedly, return to the TV series.

The newest show will explore the story of the American town that becomes a center of murders after an old Chucky doll shows up.

The show’s cast members also include Devon Sawa (Final Destination) and Lexa Doig (Jason X).

All about Chucky TV series

Ahead of the release of the official trailer, several news outlets already learned information about the flick.

“It’s so important to give Chucky new weapons, new strategies, and new targets, new goals,” creator Don Mancini said, per ComicBook. “Chucky has a different goal in the TV show than he’s ever had before and it’s specifically something that is designed to evoke something that’s going on in the zeitgeist today.”

The official description for the Chucky TV series revealed the arrival of enemies and allies that will expose the truth behind the killings. The series will also disclose the doll’s origins and how it became a notorious monster.

Originally, the series scheduled its filming in fall 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic halted the production.

Despite the cancelations, Mancini promised that the series will be darker than ever. As early as 2018, the creator revealed his plans for the upcoming series. He hinted that they will be going darker than ever before.

At the same time, he warned that the flick would be really creepy.

“From film to film, I’ve always tried to create a different tone, plug Chucky into a different subgenre. We’ve gone from straightforward slasher to comedy to crazy satirical comedy and back to straightforward horror again,” he explained.

“With this TV show, our mission has been to preserve the straightforward scariness of the original film or the first couple of films.”

Still, he noted that the upcoming series will not be a reboot. Rather, it will serve as a continuation of the original story about Chucky.

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