‘Cirque Du Soleil’ goes on hiatus as the company files for bankruptcy

'Cirque Du Soleil' goes on hiatus as the company files for bankruptcy

One of the most famous circuses acts on earth—Cirque Du Soleil—had “no choice but to take a pause” after filing for bankruptcy on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cirque Du Soleil has enthralled spectators and fans all over the world with their phenomenal performances for the past 36 years.

Art and theater aficionados will be broken-hearted to hear that the Montreal-based entertainment company recently filed for bankruptcy, with the worldwide COVID-19 crisis mainly to blame.

Cirque Du Soleil folds up its tents

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Cirque Du Soleil temporarily suspended their scheduled shows in the U.S. beginning March 15, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ten days later, the organization also reportedly decided to lay off 95% of its workers—all 4000 of them.

Companies around the globe took huge hits financially, owing to government lockdowns and travel restrictions, and the largest contemporary circus collective was no exception.

In spite of all this, Cirque Du Soleil remains optimistic and assures fans that tickets bought for future shows are still valid and should be held onto.

Origin of the world’s greatest circus

Back in the early eighties, the Cirque Du Soleil Entertainment Group started out as a band of 20 street performers, completely revitalizing traditional circus arts and ascending to become a world-renowned spectacle.

Their debut acts were first exhibited in the streets of Baie-Saint-Paul—near Quebec City in Canada—attracting townsfolk with fire-breathing, juggling, playing music, and dancing.

1984 marked the birth of Cirque Du Soleil when the government of Quebec requested the circus group to perform, as part of the festivities celebrating the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s arrival in Canada.

Guy Laliberté came up with the traveling circus’ name which literally translates to “Circus of the Sun,” as he was watching a sunset in Hawaii. He found that the word “sun”—which referred to youthful energy and dynamism—represented his troop of acrobats perfectly.

Circus of the Sun vows to return brighter than ever

As is the case with entertainment nowadays, the theatrical circus company keeps its audience captivated with a selection of videos on their website, including special offers for their much-anticipated future shows.

The company promises to return—dubbing their hiatus as simply an “intermission.”

Amidst the crisis plaguing the globe, the circus locks its vision towards the sun, spurred by the knowledge that their supporters will be waiting to feast their eyes on the dazzling display once more as the theatrical high-flyers soar onto even greater heights.

Featured image courtesy of Cirque du Soleil/Twitter

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