‘Cities: Skylines’ announces four fresh new DLC for content creators


Cities: Skylines announces a slew of new DLC for their game, which includes new Content Creator Packs and Radio Stations to the stellar title.

At PDXCON, publisher Paradox Interactive announced their new content for Cities: Skylines. These will add not only fresh radio stations to the game, but also a collection of structures. These include bridges, train stations, and more.

Paradox releases two structure packs and two radio packs

Cities Skylines has been one of the best-known city builders of all time. In fact, it is the very definition of a near-perfect city simulation, offering the deepest level of gameplay. It even scared other companies from creating city builders themselves.

It’s hard to contend why the game is as good as it is. Not only is it easy to play, it also simulates some of the best that city builders can offer. It is a living specimen in itself, so players would be more than happy for the new DLC.

All DLC packs will have their own content, listed separately for everyone’s convenience. These include Bridges and Piers CC Pack, Train Stations CC Pack, Rail Hawk Radio, and Sunny Breeze Radio.

The radio DLC packs will cost $3.99 each, while the structure packs cost $4.99 each. Every DLC pack offers something different which, together with other packs, will work awesome.

Each DLC will improve on existing content and ambience

Cities: Skylines as a base game is gorgeous enough as it is. Its downloadable content, however, makes it unparalleled. It’s an enjoyable title that is worth every DLC with everything they add.

The Bridges and Piers Content Creator Pack will have 22 unique industrial and classical style mods. The pack will include 7 regular traffic bridges, together with 8 new quays. The DLC will also add three one-way train bridges, 2 pedestrian bridges and 2 piers.

The Train Station CC Pack will add specialized train stations and hubs for the cities. These will include as many as six metro stations, six train stations, and four transport hubs. The pack aims to add enhance the existing networks.

Rail Hawk Radio will act as the radio station for the railways, offering as many as 16 electronic tracks. These will help keep the ambience of an industrial rail station hard at work.

Sunny Breeze Radio will be the opposite of Rail Hawk, offering a more relaxing ambience. These will offer new moods to the city, with electronic beats that match for those ready to go sun dipping.

Cities: Skylines is available on all platforms except next-gen consoles. The DLC are now available for purchase with the base game.

Featured image courtesy of Cities: Skylines/Youtube Screenshot

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