Civic token founder says 2019 ‘the big year’

civic token

The high-profile founder of Civic token (CVC) says the foundations have been laid for the project’s success and 2019 will be its “big year.”

Vinny Lingham, who is well known in the Bitcoin and blockchain space, made millions in other entrepreneurial pursuits before starting the blockchain business, which aims to simplify identity verification.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been driven by money,” he said.

“(I’m driven) by learning, the opportunity to change things and build things that people want.”

“My motivation is, like, what cool sh*t can we build?”

civic token
Vinny Lingham is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of blockchain project Civic.

Civic’s mission

Vinny Lingham says Civic, which is the largest blockchain project he’s involved with, aims to power the world’s identity systems.

“In the short term … we’re trying to decentralise identity,” he said.

“And that means you store your information on your phone, you store your identity on your devices and no one else has access to it until you give permission.

“We’re building systems to make ID verification super easy and in control of the user.”

Mr Lingham says he hopes there’s enough demand for his technology that Civic will become a leader in the space for many years to come.

civic token

Civic token’s big year in 2019

When the cryptocurrency market crashed in 2018, Civic had already sold its cryptocurrency for dollars and Mr Lingham says the project is well positioned for success.

“We’ve been doing a lot of foundational work up until now and the real products and partnerships are rolling out now,” he said.

“So we think it’s an exciting year for us. This is the big year.” M

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