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‘Civil’ declined free publicity during failed ICO


When the Civil Media Company announced it had failed to reach its ICO fundraising target, Micky was a little surprised.

We assumed the ambitious blockchain journalism project had been beating off investors with a stick! Here’s why:

When Civil set out to raise $8 million dollars, Micky was keen to help. We are, after all, journalists ourselves.

However, we must say Civil didn’t seem overly eager for the publicity!

There were Twitter direct messages and emails that went unanswered for weeks.

And when we finally organised a Skype interview with CEO Matthew Iles, he cancelled with minutes to go. He did offer to do it the following day, but after being knocked back and ignored for so long – we politely declined.

We are obviously not saying this is why Civil failed to reach its fundraising target, but it probably didn’t help.

We fully understand how busy Iles and the team would have been. And no doubt they did plenty of interviews with media outlets much larger than ours.

But while we may be a small publication in a country far, far away; surely every click helps. M

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  • Hi there -- Matt Coolidge from Civil here.

    First, I sincerely apologize if you felt we were ignoring you or giving you the stiff-arm at any point. That was certainly not our intent, and I wasn't aware it was even happening. As your article surmises, the past few weeks have been especially hectic and there's a good (now proven) chance that we missed some messages that deserved a response. We're grateful for the opportunity to speak with interested parties about what we're doing at Civil anytime. And I figure this comment gains a lot more credibility when I say this on the heels of an unsuccessful token sale, and when we're at a moment of regrouping... :-)

    Anyway, I'd welcome you to reach out if you're still interested in speaking -- but if that ship has sailed, then I hope you'll chalk this up to an honest mistake, and know that we'd love to catch up sometime.

  • Thanks Matt for your response. We wish you all the best with the project and will indeed reach out again soon.

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