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‘Civilization 6’ debuts on Android but is it worth buying the full game?


Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 has finally been released for Android. However, the free-to-start approach may not be enough to convince users to buy the full game.

The Epic Games Store has been giving away decent titles, including Civilization 6 this year. Now, the popular turn-based strategy has landed on Android devices, and you can pick up the game for free at the Google Play Store.

However, it might be too early to get the game right away on its debut as a majority of mobile users have experienced some flaws with the game.

Even some users who rated the game 4 to 5 stars had some constructive criticisms about it, especially when it comes to the user interface.

Mixed reviews from Android users on the first day

Despite the hype Aspyr Media generated this week, it seems that most of the users are having problems with the game on its first day of release. It looks like the game is more optimized on newer phone models.

Browsing through the app reviews on the Play Store, most complained about the game’s frame rates and the constant crashing that Civilization 6 has been receiving.

One user even commented that the game nearly bricked his Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone that resulted in making him do a factory reset.

Are the expansions worth getting aside from the base game?

For mobile gamers who are curious to try out the game, you may want to allot at least 4.22 GB for the 60-turn demo version.

In addition, users are also given the option to avail of the full game worth US$19.99 [AU$27.94], and expansions Rise and Fall and the Gathering Storm, which would cost around US$70.

If you’ve been a hardcore fan of the Civilization series, you may want to try the demo, then buy the full version or wait for the Android updates once they figure out how to further optimize the game.

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