‘Civilization 6’ New Frontier Pass DLC expansion released amid Epic Games Store giveaway

Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass DLC released amid Epic Games Store giveaway

2K’s Civilization 6 has released its first-ever downloadable content (DLC) expansion and it comes very timely with being the new title for the Epic Games Store Free Game drop.

On the same day that Civilization 6 was revealed to be the next game title to be given for free by Epic Games Store, 2K announces the release of its first DLC.

The turn-based strategy 4X video game was released in 2016 and bagged The Game Award for Best Strategy Game in the same year.

New Frontier Pass DLC details

The game’s first DLC expansion will be made available to all supported platforms—PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The New Frontier Pass includes six add-on packs that’ll be gradually released until next year. It’ll introduce eight new civilizations, new leaders, and six new game modes.

To start with, for May 2020, the first pack expansion is entitled “Maya & Gran Colombia Pack.” In this content pack, Civilization 6 will introduce Lady Six Sky as the new leader of the May and Simón Bolívar as that of Gran Columbia’s.

It’ll also introduce the new game mode call “Apocalypse,” six new City-States, three new Natural Wonders, and two new Resources.

Meanwhile, the next add-on packs are slated for July, September, November, January 2021, and March 2021.

Accordingly, the New Frontier Pass will retail at US$40[AU$61], while a standalone Maya & Gran Colombia Pack will also be available for $9.

Epic Games Store free giveaway

The timely launch of the new DLC could’ve been a strategic move as it anticipates the wave of new game users after being announced as the new free giveaway title for Epic Game Store’s Mega Sale event.

Civilization 6 has been rumored to be the next title lineup after a supposed leak emerged on Reddit.

However, it looks like Civ 6 will also follow the path of GTA 5 in terms of server issue encounters as already-playing users have already reported game crashing problems.

Although, this could only be caused by a bug brought by the New Frontier Pass update. According to Downdetector‘s report, there hasn’t been any server outage for Civilization 6 but it did receive a handful of reports, peaking at 28 reports on May 22 morning.

The main problem being reported is “Server connection.” Meanwhile, 2K has already recognized the ongoing issue.

Hopefully, this will just be a temporary setback, and that it wouldn’t go as wild as it was with Rockstar Games’ servers.

Catch the free title giveaway over at the Epic Games Store, which is only until May 28. Try it out and decide whether you’re willing to cash in $40 for the New Frontier Pass.

With nabbing the game title for free, you’ve already saved $59.99.

Featured image courtesy of Civilization

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