‘Civilization 6’ now free on the Epic Games Store replacing ‘GTA 5’

Civilization 6 now free on the Epic Games Store replacing 'GTA 5'

The free GTA 5 craze has officially ended as Civilization 6 takes center stage on the Epic Games Store. Here’s how you can download the game.

Civilization 6 is now the latest game to be offered free on the Epic Games Store. Epic has made the PC version of the game free from May 21 until May 28.

Free for the week

Even before Epic Games confirmed Civilization 6 as its weekly freebie, rumors had already begun circulating online a few days before. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when the game was revealed on Thursday.

Civilization 6 is the latest installment of the Civilization series. First released on the PC in October 2016, it slowly made its way to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in the years that followed.

Despite its age, its developer Firaxis Games has continued to provide new content for the game.

Downloading on the Epic Games Store

Downloading the game is simple. One would just need to access the Epic Games launcher and then head over to the store. People won’t find any difficulty looking for the game because it is usually featured on the home page.

Playing Civilization 6

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is a turn-based strategy game, and its gameplay is similar to its predecessors. The main objective for players is to build a civilization of their choosing (Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, British, etc.) beginning in ancient times and then traverse the millennia until one reaches the modern age.

Players also have to compete with other players. Overall, expanding and advancing one’s civilization while crushing opponents along the way is basically what this game is all about.

No downtime for the Epic Games Store

Epic Games has developed a bit of a reputation when it comes to giving away free games. The most recent freebie offering had been GTA 5. 

When the Epic Games Store made the game available for free, it proved to be such a hit that the online store crashed due to the number of people wanting to download it. The website was down for around eight hours before it went back up.

However, with the influx of people trying to download the game, downloading GTA 5 took around 12 hours to finish.

Luckily for Epic Games, they are less likely to experience the same influx with Civilization 6. The reason for the influx was attributed to GTA 5’s own reputation. The game is one of the best selling titles out there just behind Minecraft.


Images courtesy of Firaxis Games/Civilization 6 (1)(2)

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