CIX talks about comeback, ‘Jungle’ and more

CIX held a press conference for the release of its third EP entitled HELLO Chapter3. Hello, Stranger Time.

Hello, Stranger Time is the first comeback of CIX in almost 11 months. The group planned to release the album last June but was postponed. Bae Jin Young had an ankle injury, and BX stated that they wanted to reveal the album to the fans as soon as possible.

Harnessing negative energy to a productive one

As the group is coming back, they feel nervous than usual. They intend to harness the nervous energy to express themselves on stage as much as they can.

Seunghun commented that the group worked hard and prepared a long time for it. They want to let the people know that they matured.

Bae Jin Young also said that it is a good kind of excitement and wanted to express their gratitude to FIX, who waited for them.

Standing out among the intense competition

Regarding the title track Jungle concept, CIX stated that the song conveys an image of a tangled forest. From a different angle, “jungle” means it is difficult to thrush other people because of the intense competition.

CIX recently is named one of the rising K-pop artists basing on its Twitter engagement for the past year.

BX commented that he thinks that they were able to gain honor to FIX worldwide. It has also been an honor for them to be named together with great senior and junior artists.

CIX to keep in touch with fans

The group also talked about the recently concluded fan meeting. It felt different for them that there is fans’ feedback in a real-time situation.

They plan to keep communicating with their fans through social media and other personalized content.

CIX is also looking forward to different offline methods of connection, but it will depend on how it will change in the future.

Image courtesy of CIX Official/YouTube Screenshot

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