CL album update: ‘ALPHA’ faces postponement to 2021

CL announces her decision to postpone the release of her album ALPHA to next year.

On November 16, CL announced the news on her official Instagram account, which also notified her followers regarding her decision. Her original decision is to release her album ALPHA on November 30, but she is now rescheduling it for early next year.

“ALPHA” is ready to welcome 2021

On her Instagram post, the former 2NE1 member stated she is currently working on her next project in the United States.

As she makes all the preparations, new ideas and opportunities have been coming her way. After taking so much consideration, she decided to reschedule ALPHA that she originally planned for release this November 30.

The unanimous decision

The album is essentially her first physical album, and it means a lot to her. CL, her team, and the staff took their time to discuss the decision they are going to make. Finally, everyone’s decision was unanimous, resulting in an album postponement by early next year.

CL wanted to keep her promise with all the GZBz (fans club of CL) who waited for the album. Moreover, she came to their final decision because she wanted to bring out her best for her fans and the world.

She hopes that the remaining months of 2020 will be a time of anticipation and something to look forward to in the next couple of months. She wanted to convey that feeling rather than the feeling someone would hopefully wait.

CL and Sandara Park reunited for a meal

On another news, Sandara Park shares some cute photos with CL as they hang out together.

Earlier this week, Sandara Park joined CL in her official Weverse fan community and referred to herself as the “CEO of CL fans.”

The former 2NE1 members shared a fun online exchange of messages and hinted that they would be meeting up for a meal.


Image courtesy of CL Official Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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