CL gears for an October comeback with new album

CL is ready for her return, which will mark her first release since the project album In The Name of Love.

CL released the project album In The Name of Love ten months ago in December 2019. For the time being, CL previously teased her fans with the intro video of her +POST UP+ last month.

Message for her fans

On September 13, CL shared a message for her fans regarding the upcoming release.

The message stated that it had been a long time since she showed herself. And that she spent every moment of her preparations with a thankful heart.

There are so many things that she wanted to say, so she deliberately thought about how much she tried to communicate with her fans.

She decided to convey it through music and dance, which she can express more of herself candidly.

CL would like to express her gratitude to fans GZBs who waited and believed her for so long. She showed the video first because she wanted to communicate with her fans as soon as possible.

It is a gift she specially prepared, and she hoped that the fans would receive the message.

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안녕하세요 GZBz 그리고 저를 응원하고 기다려주신 여러분들🍒 정말 오래간만에 얼굴 비추게 되어서 개인적으로 매 순간 너무 설레고 감사한 마음으로 준비했네요. 하고 싶은 말이 너무 많아 어디서부터 어디까지 어떻게 여러분들과 소통할까 고민하다가. 항상 그래왔듯이 제가 가장 솔직하게 저 자신을 표현할 수 있는 노래와 춤으로 전달하게 되었어요! +POST UP+은 저를 믿고 너무 오래 기다려준 우리 팬분들 GZB들을 위해 감사한 마음으로 앨범 발매 전에 미리 공개하는 짧은 비디오에요! 빨리 여러분과 소통하고 싶어서 이것만 먼저 선보이게 되었지만, 특별히 준비한 저의 선물이니! 저의 마음이 잘 전달됐으면 해요. 10월을 시작으로 싱글들과 정규 앨범 발매까지 계속 달릴 테니 POST UP 마음껏 즐기고 음미하면서 몸 풀고 있기! 우리 GZB들과 다시 추억 만들 생각에 기대돼요. 건강하시고! 항상 감사합니다🍒

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The teaser

Starting this October, CL will keep herself busy with the release of singles and a full album. She wanted the fans to enjoy and savor +POST UP+ and get warmed up.

After she shared the message, the former 2NE1 member pre-released the official video of +POST UP+ ahead of her upcoming music release on October 14.


The upcoming comeback of CL

On October 17, CL unveiled her teaser for her upcoming return this month. In addition to revealing that she would be making a highly-anticipated remarkable comeback on October 29, she declared that she would be coming back, not with one but two new songs.

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Image courtesy of CL Official Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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