CL shares sentiment towards BTS’s Billboard success

The newly returned CL talks about her support for BTS’s success on Billboard Hot 100 and her bits of being a solo artist.

On October 29, CL released her double singles 5 STAR and HWA. Talking about the comeback, she stated that she made music to stamp her signature and identity as CL. The songs she released are for her fans who have been waiting for her.

She loves to perform on stage, and all the energy she saved has been poured into the new songs and music videos.

CL used to perform and promote together with 2NE1 members. The artist talked about doing solo activities. The group used to share roles, but she has to do all of them alone now.

Filling in the gaps

In the beginning, she had to learn everything repeatedly, and they are demanding because she has to fill in the gaps.

CL is currently promoting without an agency in her back. She explained that she wanted to learn different things to do that; she has to face things head-on. CL does not think that she will be able to do it if she has an agency.

Regarding her love for music, she stated that it is a way to express herself and her language. She may not be good at expressing herself with words because she has countless thoughts in her head.

However, she is more confident expressing herself through music and on stage.

CL is proud of BTS’s success

CL is the first Korean solo artist to enter Billboard Hot 100. She expressed her pride in BTS’s achievement of the same. She stated that she felt happy when she saw BTS’s record.

As far as she remembers, there was no Asian pop star. They were supposed to express their own culture, but it ended up copying other people’s cultures. She thought that it would be nice that someone could represent their culture.

Image courtesy of CL Official Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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