Classic arcade shoot ’em up ‘Metal Slug’ announces new game on mobile

Classic arcade shoot 'em up 'Metal Slug' announces new game on mobile

Publisher SNK’s long-standing run and gun franchise Metal Slug is getting a new mobile game revealed with the working title “Code: J.

Metal Slug has been around for more than two decades, surviving through the life-cycles of several console generations. Though mostly re-releases and rehashes of its older titles, the series has always found a home on almost every console, most recently the Nintendo Switch.

This time around, publisher and original series developer SNK (Shin Nihon Kikaku) seems to be gunning for a new entry to the franchise, as their Metal Slug Code: J reveals trailer showcased a distinctly new graphical style and remade illustrations.

No release date or window has been set just yet, and the game has so far been confirmed as strictly a mobile title.

Metal Slug with a fresh coat of paint

As a joint project between publisher SNK and developer TiMi Studios, the duo released a minute and a half long teaser trailer, showing off the upcoming Metal Slug’s revamped gameplay and art, as well as the addition of some brand new cinematics.

While the core gameplay remains the same, Code: J is trading in its 2D sprites in favor of fully 3D models that still manage to capture the trademark Metal Slug aesthetic, much to the delight of long-time fans.

As expected, gamers will control their character’s movement and actions via various on-screen virtual buttons and an analog stick, which may prove difficult for thumbs that struggle with touch screen controls. Especially considering the franchise’s hectic pace.

Code: J is bringing back several of the series’ staples such as the heavy machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, tank, and camel, but is also adding some new stuff like the Ice Gun, which does exactly as its name suggests.

Moreover, the mobile game features what looks like a lobby area that players can navigate in full 3D, where they can interact with other players and visit a weapon shop.

Code: J may be sticking to the classics

The Metal Slug franchise has seen many characters come and go throughout the years, including several cameo appearances from other SNK personalities.

Code: J, however, looks to be going back to the series’ roots, as the reveal trailer flashed a remade picture of the four main characters from the first two Metal Slug games.

While more characters could be added as updates, the mobile run and gun title will likely feature Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, and Fio Germi at launch.

TiMi Studios’ announcement video only showed gameplay footage of Marco, but Tarma did have a pretty cool appearance during a cinematic. The two girls, on the other hand, were wholly absent from the trailer, save for the one image.

Metal Slug Code: J may not be the game diehard fans were looking for, but still seems to be headed in the right direction nonetheless. Who knows, with all the Metal Slug titles finding their way to the Switch, perhaps Code: J will be ported to the hybrid console as well.

Featured image courtesy of TiMi Studios/YouTube

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