Classic Nintendo games that badly needs a remake on the Switch

Nintendo has a library full of massive titles and classic games. These 90’s Nintendo games are timeless and deserve to be remade for the Nintendo Switch.

Remakes are a necessary part of the video game industry. Fans are consistently seeing remakes and reboots of Nintendo games in the past. Nintendo is a company that’s not scared to fill out their yearly releases with remakes.

However, even though the Switch has opened up new hope for the new generation, there are still a lot of games stuck on the old Nintendo consoles. Here are a few Nintendo games everyone wants to play on the Switch:

Pokemon Stadium

There are Pokemon fans who will never understand why Pokemon Stadium was a huge hit. Those who are used to the new battle techniques of the recent Pokemon games might not realize that their aesthetics were based on Pokemon Stadium.

Released in 1999, the game provided fans with 3D battles alongside the original 151 Pokemon years before Pokemon Go became a thing.

Chrono Trigger

This is a classic RPG that was released in 1995 on the mythical SNES. Since then, the game was also released for the PlayStation and PC.

However, it has never had the opportunity to be catered to modern gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch. The game was designed by various gaming giants including the producer of the hit Final Fantasy franchise.

The story revolves around an Earth-like planet where dinosaurs and humans coexist. It is a fusion of the Middle Ages and a modernized world which creates a unique blend of gameplay perfect for the Switch.


This game was released on the NES in 1990. Despite Nintendo being a Japanese company and that they have released most of their titles only in Japan, this game was different.

The game was only released in European and North American countries and a Japanese release was never in the plan. The game follows Mike who travels to visit an archaeologist relative on the Coralcola island.

Sadly, as soon as Mike arrives, he notices his uncle was missing. The game features top-down style gameplay which allows the player to explore and look for clues where his uncle went.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

With Link’s Awakening already on the Switch, it would be a rare chance to see Ocarina of Time joining the Switch library. However, this game really deserves a Switch remake.

Breath of the Wild proved that the Zelda series will forever be one of Nintendo’s greatest creations. It is a legitimate contender as the best Zelda game as well as the best game of the century.

With this said, it would be amazing to see Ocarina of Time with Joy Cons in hand. Modern games wouldn’t be as great without Ocarina of Time. With target lock systems, a great storyline, and a nice blend of action, it still remains one of the most influential Nintendo games of all time.

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