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Clipper Card, an all-in-one transit card, introduces Apple Pay in it


A new Clipper Card is starting today. This time, it will support the Apple Play platform. Silicon Valley is best known for its technological progress.

But natives know that it can be a weird hit and miss as well. San Francisco Bay Area had physical tapping to pay through this card. This Clipper card is meant for providing feasible public transit.

It allowed the public to pay for anything associated with public transport. This, however, reduced the amount of using or tapping phone or smartwatch to do the same. The card was so much in use at that time.

What can you expect from Clipper Card this time?

It will also possess an Express Mode, which will prove more beneficial for the users. The Express Mode will give users the privilege not to wake or open the phone first.

The users can use any recent iPhone or Apple Watch to board BART, Muni, Caltrain, VTA, and ferry use this card. BART serves some of the areas that include East Bay and San Francisco.

Muni serves San Francisco’s bus services and light rain system. Caltrain supports and connects San Francisco to the central peninsula and South Bay.

VTA is meant for South Bay buses and light rail systems. The Clipper Card will support the ferry lines as well.

It is becoming a new normal to the public of San Francisco. It is pretty beneficial as this will help traveling at ease.

One can practically travel across the entire urban and suburban part of San Francisco. Travelling was easy for most of the public even before the commencement of the card in the market.

The bottom line of the content

The catch which will make Clipper Card more popular is the ease. One doesn’t need to pull a wallet out of the purse or pocket to make the payment. It isn’t that significant when Apple Pay was introduced in Japan, back in 2016, in Suica.

As of now, all office works are shifting to work from home. The travelers aren’t going back to the office as of now. But soon, things might change, and people might start traveling once again.

For this change, no physical tap of the card is necessary during this pandemic. Indeed, introducing Apple Pay in Clipper Card will make traveling more efficient and easy.

There are some caveats associated as well. Some of the caveats related to the newly designed Clipper Card are as follows:

  • One Clipper Card can be attached to one single device only.
  • The second caveat related to Clipper Card is the version of devices used. One can use these services with iPhone 8 model or later or an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

Apple also warns that one should use the plastic Clipper Card for Bay Wheels bike-share and RTC card fare inspection.

Image courtesy of Nick Wolf/YouTube Screenshot

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