Cloud gaming is the new battleground for top tech giants

Cloud gaming appears to be the newest avenue of squabble for top tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.

Recently, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are accusing Apple of unfair business practices over cloud gaming. The three tech giants claim that Apple’s strict app policies are unjust.
Tech giants are busy developing their respective cloud gaming services. Google has its Stadia, Microsoft has its xCloud platform, and Facebook is also working on its own.

Issues with Apple App Store

The main issue about this matter has something to do with Apple’s App Store terms and conditions. Microsoft said that it is canceling the test run of its xCloud service on all Apple devices. On the other hand, the service will be available on the Android platform, starting in September.

In a statement a Microsoft spokesperson said:

“[Apple] consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to nongaming apps even when they include interactive content.”

These restrictions on the App Store is one of the reasons why Google and Microsoft are pulling out. This means that Apple devices will no longer support stadia and xCloud contents. This is a big market to miss, considering that Apple has the second-largest mobile market share.

On the other hand, Facebook has its own Facebook Gaming app. The tech giant has been trying to get its cloud gaming app into the Apple Store for quite some time. Apple may have seen this as potential competition to its platform and has repeatedly denied entry.

The response from Apple

The tech giant remains steadfast about its restrictions on its mobile platform. Despite criticisms from both tech companies and regulatory watchdogs, the tech giant pushes on. It appears that the tech giant will not make any amends on these terms any time soon.

The cloud gaming industry continues to grow, and tech giants are vying to get a piece of it. Platforms like Android and iOS have a unique advantage considering their massive user base. This massive following is what Microsoft, Google, and Facebook want to tap into.

However, if Apple allows its competition into its platform, it will rob the company of its revenue. For now, the tech giant is holding on to its terms and will continue to do so shortly.

Cloud gaming is the next frontier for the gaming industry. With its huge user base, Apple will not easily open it up for its competitors without a fight.

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