CNBLUE members reveals on how they wrote their tracks

CNBLUE shared its long-awaited comeback and discussed its thoughts on the tracks revealing the composition process.

On November 17, CNBLUE talked about its comeback with mini-album RE-CODE during an online music listening session.

CNBLUE then, now, and forever

During the online listening session, the group members shared some stories about the tracks on the album.

The title track Then, Now, and Forever is a song that Jung Yong Hwa made. At first, he thought about the title and made the song after the title.

During his military service, he wrote many thoughts about CNBLUE’s musical future. Lee Jung Shin stated that it is a song that seems like a love song to some people. Maybe, it might mean more than that to other people.

Moreover, Kang Min Hyuk comments that he liked it a lot when he first heard the demo. The song perfectly matched its title and said that Yong Hwa did it again.

Long drives to Hongcheon

Regarding the second track, Till Then, Lee Jung Shin stated that when he played the album for his friends, Till Then is the most popular for them.

Jung Yong Hwa added that when he had to write songs, he has much stuff on his plate, so he took the car and drove to Hongcheon.

He kept listening to the track on the road, and as soon as he arrived at Hongcheon, he wrote the full song.

Once upon a cold breeze

The track Winter Again is a folk genre in a country style. Jung Yong Hwa wrote the song because he wanted to add one more track to the album.

At that time, some people kept saying to him that the days kept getting colder. The phrase stuck into his mind, and wrote the lyrics all at once like the entry of a diary.


Image courtesy of FNCEnt/YouTube Screenshot

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