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CNBLUE poses for a charismatic look in ‘Marie Claire’


CNBLUE members aim for a charismatic look in Marie Claire as they talk about their friendship of over ten years and the military life.

In the interview with Marie Claire, CNBLUE also talked about the recent release of their eighth mini-album RE-CODE. Jung Yong Hwa stated that he wanted to make an album without any pretense.

The natural feeling

He wanted to show and to express how he naturally feels at the moment through the album. Lee Jung Shin also commented that the album suits the season because it has a warm and lonely feeling.

Also, Jung Yong Hwa talked about the fact that he did not merely felt elated because he felt nervous in releasing a song for the first time in a while.

However, he said that it might have been because of gratitude for the fans who stayed with the group.

Accomplishment on their hands

Although Jung Yong Hwa shared that he wanted a time with himself in his 30s rather than living a busy life like his 20s.

Kang Min Hyuk commented that he has various personal dreams he wanted to accomplish in his 30s.

Lee Jung Shin then added that he is too young and, if that is the case, though that he would consider himself an adult if the first digit of his age adds three.

Nonetheless, he said that he believed to be more careful and serious about his actions.

CNBLUE cannot hold offline concerts

All the members expressed shame since they can not currently hold offline concerts. Jung Yong Hwa stated that he sings better with a live audience in front of him.

Lee Jung Shin also explained that teamwork is vital for shows because a mistake could change the entire song.

Lastly, Kang Min Hyuk added that eye contact between the members on stage and the fans is also essential. The joy they feel is an entirely different feeling.

Image courtesy of CNBLUE (씨엔블루)/YouTube Screenshot

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