‘COD Mobile’ Season 4 is officially announced!

At last, Activision has unveiled the all-new season 4 of COD Mobile. The Spurned & Burned version is going live on Wednesday.

The official Twitter account of Activision announced COD Mobile‘s season 4 arrival. And it’s packed with a lot of new surprises for the lovers of the mobile game.

‘COD Mobile’ Season 4: What’s new?

The main page of the title revealed everything that the new season is bringing for the players.

There’s an updated multiplayer map, fresh featured game modes, weapon balancing, Clan Wars, and many other additions.

First of all, here’s the synopsis for COD Mobile season 4 Spurned & Burned:

Hidora Kai has been captured and taken aboard General Shepherd’s ship. However, a new enemy Operator is sent to rescue him. But then the UAC encounters Templars in Texas.

They want information, be it anything, related to Russell Adler.

Spurned & Burned also introduces new Blueprints, the iconic Heartbeat Sensor, Gunsmith 2.0, Clan Wars, and Hawk X3 Scorestreak.

New events and challenges, plus 50 tiers of earnable rewards, are also on the Season 4 Battle Pass list.

You can ping your enemies and rain down fire on them in the free tier from above. You can do this when you pilot Hawk X3 Scorestreak, unlocked at Tier 14.

Other free tier items will be the Saddled Charm, Cyborg Showdown Calling Card, and the Wagon Wheel camo series.

When it comes to Premium Pass Tiers, you can earn all the Spurned & Burned stream content. Can do it simply by purchasing the Battle Pass.

Alex-Bounty Hunter will get unlocked at Tier-1 itself. Razorback—Stirrup, and Standoff at Dusk Calling Card are also available.

Coming onto Maps, then there will be a brand new area of The Dome, the classic location from the Call of Duty series.

In Capture the Gold mode, you can snatch your enemy’s gold and take it to your base before they get yours.

Activision’s upcoming projects

Meanwhile, there’s a lot on which the Call of Duty publisher is working at the moment.

A few weeks ago, it announced that it would expand its overall team of developers in the next two years, which means that new projects might make their debuts very soon.

Speaking of its other properties, then there is a major entry scheduled to launch later this year. Sledgehammer is leading the charge on the next big game.

On the side of free-to-play titles, then along with COD Mobile, Warzone might receive a revamped version as well. Recent rumors have claimed that the popular multiplayer may release for mobile devices soon.


Image courtesy of Call of Duty: Mobile/YouTube

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