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‘COD Modern Warfare 3’ Remastered possibly coming


Activision loves to make multiple remastered versions of its past titles. And now, it may do the same for COD Modern Warfare 3!

An early leak from a Twitter account suggests that fans might soon witness a COD Modern Warfare 3 remastered title.

‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’ remaster possibilities.

COD is one of the widely followed franchises in the world, no doubt. And publisher Activision has so far delivered great entries under the iconic series.

As a result of that, it also launched enhanced versions of its old, classic titles in the last few years.

2020 saw the arrival of Modern Warfare 2, getting a revamped avatar with modern graphics.

Considering that, it can’t rule out the possibility of a remastered COD Modern Warfare 3.

And according to PlayStation Game Size’s recent Twitter post, it may turn out to be accurate as well in the future.

The tweet mentioned that they had added a new game to Activision’s Database.

Not just that, the title is said to be around 43.970 GB in its overall size. It has an age rating of 17+ with an ID saying, “We Love Dogs!”

As per PlayStation Game Size, it might be COD Modern Warfare 3 remastered edition because the line mentioned in the ID is about Dogs, who were seen a lot in MW3 as part of its mechanics.

Well, Activision itself hasn’t confirmed anything regarding this rumor or the game’s information. But the listing is still there. All in all must take this news with a grain of salt at the moment.

Fans, however, will be hoping for it to be confirmed.

New Activision titles and objectives

Meanwhile, the famous FPS shooting series publisher is also working on many new projects and strategies.

Just recently, Activision announced that it would expand its overall team of developers in the next two years, which means that more titles are on the way!

Speaking of titles, then the next major installment in the Call of Duty franchise will arrive later this year. Sledgehammer is leading the charge on the upcoming game.

Other reports have indicated that Activision might make mobile versions of all its past entries.

Furthermore, a mobile port for the free-to-play Warzone is also rumored to launch somewhere in the future. But as of now, it’s nothing more than speculation.

Coming back to the news of a remastered COD Modern Warfare 3, then it’s not yet confirmed so far.

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