‘COD Modern Warfare’ voice actor accused of sexism

Activision is no longer working with COD Modern Warfare voice actor Jeff Leach, who played Ghost, due to his sexist comments.

After Leach was accused of sexism, publisher Activision immediately ended its ties with the COD Modern Warfare voice actor.

‘COD Modern Warfare’ voice actor in trouble over his comments

Earlier this month, a streamer named NitroLukeDX posted several clips on Twitter. In those clips, Jeff Leach used very insulting words.

The clips were from 2017 when he abused a streamer called ZombiUnicorn on Twitch.

Leach said that for gaining the views, ZombiUnicorn primarily relied on their “horrendous cleavage.”

For these comments, Twitch banned him as well, at that time.

ZombiUnicorn then also posted a video as a response against him, saying, “These people like Jeff Leach won’t change. They haven’t changed, and they won’t”.

The voice actor has worked on COD Modern Warfare remake and even Warzone, portraying Ghost’s character.

But the most recent incident comes from FacebookGaming, where again saw him using abusive words for a player.

After the latest controversy, due to aggravated reaction from many people, Activision came forward with a statement:

“Sexism has no place in our industry, our games, or in society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players”.

It mentioned that from now on, it wouldn’t be working with Jeff Leach.

On the other hand, the COD Modern Warfare remake voice actor came up with his reply on his Twitter account.

He said that the clips were taken “out of context” and showed him “destroying a troll in chat.”

Furthermore, he added that the words were selected “to fit a character defaming narrative.”

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Growing abuse in the gaming arena on social media

There have been many abuse cases when it comes to gaming and players interacting with each other these days.

And most of them take place while doing a stream or on any other social media portal.

However, due to unclarified sources and lack of evidence, sometimes wrong people receive the wrath.

But another reality is that most of the time, molesting involves a female player or a streamer. Recent examples from the last two three years have shown that.

There is a need for a higher body or institution for gaming across the globe to look at such cases to make the community normal and equal for all.


Image courtesy of Gamematics/YouTube

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