‘COD: Warzone’ might receive a new fast travel system

Players of COD: Warzone may see a new feature arriving soon in the popular multiplayer title. And it could be a new fast travel system!

Fans have been curious since knowing about a new fast travel feature in COD: Warzone.

‘COD: Warzone’ to get fast travel option!

As everyone knows, there’s been no other fast travel mode in the game for a long time. But recently, a survey led to speculations about the feature’s arrival in COD: Warzone.

Developers of Warzone shared a survey in which there was a mention of fast travel. And that it could make its way via the “Red Doors.”

CallofDutyHope first noticed the news on Twitter. The player shared a survey that was sent to him. Its goal was to take feedback from the players.

However, it also mentioned an option for “Red Doors” marked as a new fast travel system.

Currently, the only way players can do this is via the subway.

May add the new option in the future.

In the previously released COD: Warzone Verdansk ’84 cutscene, there is a sequence where two red doors open to a white screen.

So, it might be the case that they are the same “Red Doors” mentioned in the recent surveys. It also means that they are already present in the game.

But so far, no one has been able to discover them.

It will be interesting to see when and how the new fast travel system makes a debut in Warzone, for all those who are curious about it.

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New games coming soon

Well, gamers never settle with just one title at a time. And that’s why multiple options exist.

And this year is also packed with many heavyweights scheduled to release soon in the remaining part of this calendar.

Some of the most-awaited potential blockbusters are Resident Evil Village, Halo Infinite, and Far Cry 6.

Horizon Forbidden West, the next Call of Duty installment, STALKER 2, and God of War: Ragnarok is also highly anticipated.

But that’s not it!

The line-up expands further with the likes of Returnal, Dying Light 2, Deathloop, Back 4 Blood, and No More Heroes 3.

Biomutant, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Humankind, Stray, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Psychonauts 2 are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making their debuts soon are The Day Before, Glitchpunk, and Etched Memories.

Coming back to COD: Warzone, then it’s available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

What are your thoughts about all the major games arriving this year? Are you excited?

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Image courtesy of Call of Duty/YouTube

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